Cristiana Alagna is the menswear designer and founder of London and Rome based @apotheke_104. 

Apotheke is Greek for Bottega. It is a creative collective, a collaboration amongst creatives: designers, architects, UI/UX developers, film makers, musicians. We do not target age, gender, or nationality. It is about attitude, our aim is to build a conversation with unique individuals who want to tell their own story and share their mindset and way of life. All garments are made with high quality, natural fabrics. This allows each piece to have a longer life-span and to be re-used, moving towards a sustainable approach to luxury.


Individuals is about  men and women as equals- free to be themselves. New garments were mixed with repurposed pieces from previous collections. Ten looks for ten models, each one with a different story to tell. For us @apotheke_104 it is not about products, it is about individuals. 

London | Rome 


+39 06 39746222

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